We at X-Posé promise our clients personal service with passion and positive energy at all times. We ensure that we fully understand our customers’ needs through clear communication and we believe in absolute transparency to ensure integrity and trust. These qualities allow us to build long standing relationships with all our partners and customers.

Lead times are extremely important to us and we ensure that all deadlines are met through carefully detailed planning. Through continued honesty, our clients trust us not to accept any orders which we are incapable of carrying out with the necessary level of attention and care or within the required timeframe.

Planning & Development

With close co-operation with our suppliers, we fully customise articles by engineering computer drawings and producing actual samples. Our showroom is constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and concepts and is a great place to clear one’s mind and get in touch with one’s inner creative spirit, whilst having some fun.

On request, X-Posé hosts our clients for trend presentations to enable our team to share their feedback on recent fads and developments. At these presentations, our customers are able to see, feel and discuss the latest fashions and styles with our expert team.

In addition, we release quarterly trend reports so that our customers can plan their upcoming campaigns.

With close co-operation with our suppliers, we fully customise articles by producing actual samples. We then modify the product so that it is tailor- made to suit our customers’ needs which would include style, material, colour, hardware and budgetary requirements.

Quality Control & Production

All of X-Posé’s factories are socially and quality audited by internationally recognised independent testing houses. We have also ensured that our internal quality control department fully understands each customer’s requirements and we are constantly ensuring compliance from sample mock- up all the way through to final delivery.

Furthermore, all products created by X-Posé are independently inspected by leading, internationally recognised and accredited firms of quality control specialists, thus ensuring that X-Posé delivers only the highest quality products.

Logistics & Delivery

We keep our clients informed with order schedules throughout the production and delivery phase. This includes up to date notifications on the status of the delivery – from production through to hand-over of the goods. X-Posé maintains a relationship with our freight handling and clearing partner company that expands over two decades.  This allows us to maintain tight control over our goods and ensure compliance with every client’s individual packing and delivery specifications.

We are also able to offer our customers warehousing facilities should this be required.

Social Responsibility

In order to maintain a sustainable Africa for residents and visitors alike, X-Posé takes great pride in giving back to the communities through various corporate initiatives. These involve supporting African conservation NGO’s to protect the African wildlife, as well as donating to SOS Children’s Villages South Africa. This contribution aims to assist children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care for them, to receive the education and skills they need to become successful and contributing members of society. The X-Posé group places an extremely high value on education and the overriding belief is that education is the solution to many of Africa’s, as well as the world’s, problems.